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Dr. Jitters & Nurse Titters



The Cob-Web Program


Greetings, Creeps! and Welcome to the House of Jitters.

House of Jitters is a little something Nurse Titters (it's about the giggle, not the jiggle), and I do for fun.  Along with Fritz Fry and our little monsters, we entertain ourselves and maybe even you, with noisy music, fun cartoons, and old monster movies.  Sometimes we're visited by our weird relatives (who isn't?) and our freaky friends,(Yay!)like YOU!

In the spirit of local, community television and their old horror hosts, we present our program to celebrate their low-budget, low-fi shows with simple sets and modest effects (and vintage cobwebsites).    

Tune in and STAY TUNED!  














 First recorded medium transmission of Dr. Jitters -- Hello!  Happy Halloween!


Archival video recording of a genuine Jitters Halloween experience!