Fan Memories of the Acri Creature Feature, Page 3

Fan Memories of the Acri Creature Feature, Page 3


Martie Vacek writes:

"I was fortunate to "know someone who knew someone" when they needed some girls for a couple of sketches.

The first time I was on the show, the sketch was about a beauty contest being judged by Vincent.  There were approximately five of us, maybe six.  The others wore formals, I wore a "granny" dress, which was in fashion at the time.  We walked up a short "runway" and, with our faces turned away from the camera, turned to one side and then the other, when walked to our place on the "stage".  When we all had made the walk, they broke away for commercials.  After commercials it was time to choose a winner.  Vincent checked out each girl, then we turned around to face the camera.  We all had crazy make-up on, but the winner had a (fake) mustache that she could twitch really well!

The second time, the sketch started with a sign saying, "Vincent's Body Shop".  Vincent would pantomime that he wanted a certain tool, but Emmett would give him the wrong thing.  This happened several times until Vincent yells at Emmett, who stomps off.  After commercials, you see a sign saying, "Emmit's Body Shop".  Then you see several young women who are exercising, and Emmett is clearly pleased.

I had so much fun doing those sketches.  Since then, the church I was attending in the late 80's and early-to- mid 90's used sketches during the services to help convey the message of the sermon, and I was very active in that ministry.  I have never done community theater, but I'm sure I will someday.













Rob Bartlett writes:

"I can remember watching Creature Feature when I was growing up.  I was born in 1965 and when I started watching the show I was pretty young.  I watched it with my older brother and we would get out of bed because if I remember right it started at midnight and that seemed real late back then, so we would go to bed early and then set our alarm clock to get up to watch the show.  Sometimes we didn't always get up though from just being too tired.  I do remember being scared though.  I would always have nightmares.  I am really surprised that my mom and dad let me watch the show.  I think half the time they didn't know that we would sneak down stairs to watch it.  My brother would send in pictures to have them put on, but I dont think he ever won.  He loved to draw too.  He had some cool pictures of monsters.  I think that was why we would always try to watch the show to see if his pictures would win.  I think I remember seeing them on the board though.  We thought that was pretty awesome.  We really enjoyed watching Creature Feature.  We just couldn't wait for Friday nights.  I do miss those days.  It seems like it was just yesterday.  Time flies by so fast. 







Michael Isenberg writes:

"I'm originally from Pekin, Illinois and in the 1960's I was the president of the neighborhood monster club. Monsters became big business in the early '60's with Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine showing us little kids what cool monsters we missed from the 30's, 40's and 50's. The local program to catch in the 50's and 60's WMBD 31's Nightmare with Milton Budd. I went to school with his daughter Beryl and one time he appeared in character at one of her birthday parties. On the air he was just a spooky lit up face floating on a black background.

Later on we became fans of the Chuck Acri Creature Feature and all of the monster club kids would gather around the TV and check out the sci- fi films that otherwise we would have missed out on, being so young. That's where we first saw The Killer Shrews. I have had that film in my possesion ever since it became available on video; I now have it on DVD. It serves as my memory of the Acri Creature Feature. We loved the show, I don't really recall us missing a broadcast, and we were really upset when they took it off the air. I wish I could meet Chuck and thank him for the tremendous and lifelong memories."








J.R. (Still "Creep of the Week") Ketelsen writes:

"As a kid growing up in Eastern Iowa (Dyersville) in the 70’s part of my weekend was watching the Acri Creature Feature.  I have fond memories of sleepovers that included Acri Creature Feature, Dr. Pepper and BBQ Chips.   

I received my Horror Film education from Chuck and the gang!  I remember being terrified by Dracula, mesmerized by Frankenstein and humored by Godzilla.  King Kong, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the list goes on and on. Some movies were classics and some were pathetic, even to a young Midwestern boy.

Of course the highlight of the show for me was the selection of the “Creep of the Week”.  I attempted to be the Creep (my sister permanently designated me as Creep of the House) three times.  In my final attempt I sacrificed the covers of several Horror comic books to create a collage and won the prestigious award.  I still have the original certificate (30+ years later). Occasionally, I let my oldest son gaze upon the revered document and tell him, "Son, you too may achieve greatness.'








Brett writes:

I am 41; it is hard for me to remember anything specific, but I remember it being cool to stay up late and watch the corny old monster movies. Usually they were some piece of crap, but every so often there was something cool. Like you said, the really memorable thing was "Hi, Chuck Acri here..." Hell, I guess I knew he was selling siding, but I was able to block that out, he was the host of Creature Feature! I had completely forgotten Bernie until I saw his name mentioned on the Jinks message board or on another site. I remembered the other characters, but could not remember their names, good job on that. One thing I do remember was it was my goal to have my "work of art" shown on the show. I remember sending in a couple of things but I never did see my stuff on the show. I don't know if I missed it, or it just did not make the show.

I am not sure if you would have ever seen this show, since it was broadcast out of the Quad cities, but have you ever heard of Pywacket Presents? It was a Creature Feature type show."





Richard Weis writes:

"As a child I watched the Creature Feature religiously, before cable, it was the only game in town.  I even worked at Acri Company, prior to attending college.  Now my children watch the revival with me.  I was wondering whatever became of Ken Gibson aka Vincent Hedges.

As a lad, I remeber seeing Vincent at a live remote at the old Zayre on 11th St. Rock Island.  He was riding a 10-speed bicycle through the store!"



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